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Eating Plants

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What our customers say

Lentil Bolo

Norma K.

I never thought I'd crave plant based food, but i do. it's wild how tasty these meals are.

Tofu Toast

Josh F.

I think this is really effing great.

Dill Sweet Potato

Diana L.

These recipes are easy and yummy and really helping us not eat only frozen burritos.

Tofu Toast

Nadia R.

Eating more plant-based has been a lot easier thanks to ELM. We’ve enjoyed the tasty and satisfying meals, and have not missed beef or chicken at all.

Trying to eat more plants?

Us too. If you’re looking to live a more plant-based life but just aren’t sure how to get going, do we have some news for you.

ELM exists to make plant-based meal planning a breeze. We learn how often you want to cook at home and how much effort you want to put into your meals. Then we suggest recipes based on your preferences and lifestyle, and bring the ingredients you need straight to your doorstep.

We know eating the way you want can be hard, it takes planning and your grocery store isn’t always on your side. It can be different, and with ELM it is. Best of all, it’s not more expensive than buying groceries the regular way!✨

Pick a few recipes and let us do the rest. We can’t wait to hear about the plant-based goodness you create in your kitchen.✨

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Cauliflower Chickpea Tacos

One of our favorite meals to make for company, tacos always hit the spot. This is our go-to recipe.

A recipe
Grilled Romaine with Baba Ganoush

One of our favorite ways to utilize the grill, this romaine and eggplant dish makes for a knife & fork type of “salad” 🥗

A recipe
Tahini Quinoa

Back in the day ELM started as a plant-based meal delivery service and this recipe was a customer favorite.

A recipe
Bulgur And Veg

A quick and easy grain bowl that’s filling, tastes great and has a recipe you’ll only ever need to look at once.

A recipe
Eggplant With Crispy Grounds

This dish is a universal crowd pleaser. Every time we make this for friends, they ask for the recipe and it becomes part of their rotation.

A recipe
Curry Chickpeas & Greens

Full of coconut curry goodness, this dish is a great way to use up whatever greens you have hanging out in the fridge.

A recipe
Lentil Bolognese

Lentils and mushrooms give this sauce a “meaty” texture and work perfectly with one of our favorite pasta shapes, farfalle 🎀

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